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Master Plan Expo Antalya and the Museum of Agriculture and Biodiversity

Service: Conceptualise the design and manage the contents of the Exhibition and the Museum.

Innovation at the foot of nature

Grupo Abbsolute has, along with Carmen Bueno, carried out the Conceptualisation of the Design and the Management of the Contents of the Master Plan for EXPO 2016 Antalya “Flowers and Children” (Turkey), which also includes the Museum of Agriculture and Biodiversity. The work carried out included the development and planning of the information to be relayed in the exhibition site around the slogan "Green World for Future Generations" (global warming, renewable energies, etc.).

Master Plan Expo Antalya 2016. The content of the Master Plan for the Green Zone and Vegetation and the preliminary Master Plan of the EXPO were drafted in English and Turkish, accompanied by images and graphic references to illustrate the different ideas and concepts proposed in each area.

Museum of Agriculture and Biodiversity. Conceived as a place for reflection, dissemination and awareness on the evolution of agriculture and human interactions with biodiversity both today and in the future.

Different exhibition resources were put forward to back up the content of both projects: from informative displays and large murals, through to audiovisual content, scenographic productions and installations, interactive systems, timelines, models and satellite stands.

Master Plan Expo Antalya and the Museum of Agriculture and Biodiversity

Master Plan Expo Antalya and the Museum of Agriculture and Biodiversity

Proyect by Carmen Bueno (Conceptual Design and Gestion of Proyects). Client: Agencia Expo Antalya 2016. Year: 2016

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