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AYESA 50 anniversary

Sometimes it is important to look back and see what has been achieved. Only then can we see what, working together with passion, remains to be achieved.

50 years. A whole lifetime. Goals reached, difficulties along the way, risks that ended in successes, constancy, achievements, effort, a lot of effort... and, above all, dreams fulfilled. They laid down roads that opened up new horizons, they connected coasts, they designed canals, and, little by little, they constructed a more connected country, one which showed a spirit of innovation. It showed that there was nothing that could not be achieved when a team works with responsibility, professionalism and passion. There have been many projects that Ayesa, an engineering firm with regional offices in America, Europe, Africa and Asia and a headquarters in Seville, has seen develop and grow over these 50 years. Adapting a heartfelt script drafted by those who have played a leading role in this exciting, unforgettable journey, Grupo Abbsolute took charge of creative conceptualisation for the audiovisual celebration of its anniversary, while also overseeing production, edition and postproduction. The result: an audiovisual spectacle that conveys the same spirit that saw its birth, the same one that tells us there is still much to do, many dreams to be fulfilled, and a spirit that will extend for at least another 50 years.

AYESA 50 anniversary

AYESA 50 anniversary

Client: Ayesa. Year: 2016

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