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Meeting #hACDiez - ACD 2018 (Andalusia Digital Commitment)

We all count #hACDiez, here's to another 10 years!

We lived its beginnings, we grew up with it, and in 2018 we jointly celebrated its first 10 years. The Andalusia Digital Commitment project, specifically created by Sandetel for this region, came about to help and support people throughout Andalusia who, for whatever reason, could not access new technologies or needed to learn how to use them. Crazy? No, more like a discovery. A step forward not only for those who received and continue to receive this training for their daily lives, but also for all the volunteers, sponsoring companies and technical staff who were behind this "madness". A word that defines everything –COMMITMENT– has been, is and will continue to be the raison d'être of this project, which, day-by-day, is gradually helping to close the digital divide in Andalusia and increase employability.

This tenth anniversary was a way of thanking all those who make this possible every day for their time, their dedication and their enthusiasm. At Grupo Abbsolute we designed a complete programme of symposiums, presentations, activities and workshops to ensure the event was full of worthwhile content, with speakers all linked to digital communication and technology. We also created the AV content that was projected at the event: pieces that brought together memorable moments from the ACD project's first 10 years. Prior to the event, we launched its website where people could share their experiences in video format thanks to the dynamic "Stories of Enthusiasm", get the latest information, take part in competitions, etc. Both prior to and during the event we created and developed the contents of the different social channels for the ACD project.

The venue for all this content was Barceló Beach Resort in Punta Umbría (Huelva), which housed two stages for the event, one for each day, designed around brand identity and the fully-deserved anniversary. Two days to bolster ACD's goals: to provide access to new technologies and to develop digital skills to improve employability, e-inclusion, trust and security in ICTs, as well as the values of solidarity represented by volunteers, local councils, sponsoring companies and partners.

Happy birthday ACD, and here's to 10 years more.

Meeting #hACDiez - ACD 2018 (Andalusia Digital Commitment)

We all count #hACDiez

Client: Sandetel - Andalusia Regional Government Employment, Enterprise and Trade Board
Year: 2018

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